Is there a reason to use H1 headings on a web page?

Recently a customer asked if the use of HTML heading tags on a webpage is recommended and specifically how the heading element <h1> impacts SEO. Good question! We want to summarize our response and provide other sources of information on this topic for those who enjoy our blog.  Background Information: It is widely considered to […]

This could be the reason your Keywords are not Ranking

KeyWord research SEO

You have taken the time to thoroughly research what your target audience is Googling. You have created useful and unique content. So why are your keywords not ranking? This article will discuss one aspect of ranking: content and keywords. Some areas that might be affecting ranking are search intent and high keyword competition. The Problem […]

SEM: The Basics

Getting Started with SEM SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are campaigns to advertise your business and your website on the Internet. Pay-per-click advertising is part of SEM, and Google dominates this market segment. A company looking to promote their company online will do one of two things. Pay a search engine to either place an advertisement […]

Facebook Advertising

The Basics of Creating a Successful Campaign Advertising on Facebook is one of the most cost-efficient and simple advertising methods to bring your websites and products to the forefront of your potential leads. Anyone can create a campaign in the budget they want, but how can you get the most bang for your buck, and […]

SEO oh No!

The Over-Run of Spam and Blogs That Sneaked Past Google. Well, we guess the title is a little misleading.  Blogs and seemingly spammy content hadn’t necessarily “snuck” past Google’s SEO algorithm; it played Google algorithm well. The only problem is, there is an overload of this type of seemingly irrelevant information. Blogging and content marketing […]