Facebook Advertising


The Basics of Creating a Successful Campaign

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most cost-efficient and simple advertising methods to bring your websites and products to the forefront of your potential leads. Anyone can create a campaign in the budget they want, but how can you get the most bang for your buck, and where do you even start?

The cold hard truth:

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no campaign ever starts correctly. Every campaign you make is a trial-and-error process. Even if you’re an ad campaign connoisseur, Facebook advertising is a constant loop of targeting, analyzing, refining, and re-targeting. You can make a Facebook ad for almost anything, but optimizing it is where it gets overwhelming. Any advertising, regardless of the platform, needs constant attention to the results it gets. Making sure you’re targeting appropriately, creating quality and eye-catching designs, and writing engaging content can get pretty stressful and time-consuming.

So, where do you even begin?

Your first order of business should be figuring out what kind of product you’re advertising for, what kind of people would likely buy that product, and how much money you want to shell out for these ads. Knowing what you’re selling and knowing your budget is pretty simple to figure out, but your audience will be the downfall of your campaign if you don’t target them right.

Step 1: Make the campaign

Facebook ads have three levels of creation: campaign, ad set, and advertisement. At the campaign level, you name your campaign, set the budget, and set your campaign objective. Naming your campaign seems like a simple step, but you want to have your campaign call with your audience summary, your purpose, and the date range the campaign will be. Without those parameters in your campaign, you set yourself up to be less efficient when it comes to the point of analytics.

So, we’ve got the name down, let’s move onto the goals. Your objective is what you want people to do in response to your ad. A target can be for page views, lead generation, website conversions, and so on. Facebook has a handy guide to help you figure out what you want this ad to accomplish. On the budget side, you can set a lifetime budget or a daily budget. Lifetime budget will not spend a penny more than what you choose, and a daily budget spends a set amount of money per day within that daily budget.

Step 2 (and probably the hardest step): Making your ad sets

Making the ad set is arguably the hardest & most crucial step in your campaign because this is where you set your audience. Making your campaign as optimized as you can for your objective all boils down to how you set and target your audience, so do some research! Figure out who your customers are. Determine their age, location, gender identity, their interests, what technology they use, and so forth. You can add all those parameters into Facebook to create the audience that you think will buy your product. A little creepy, yes, but very important. Finding your audience is vital for making sure the right people see what you’re selling. 99% of viewers are not going to fit under one umbrella, so making an ad set that fits each audience to your product is best.

Step 3: The ads themselves

So, you’ve done the grunt work of the Facebook ad campaign. Nice job! Now comes the fun part: your actual ad. Here is where you can get your creative juices flowing and bring the advertisement to fruition. Making graphics to exemplify your brand, engaging content on the ad, and ease of access to accomplish the objective is what the ad level is. You want to make sure that whatever you’re trying to advertise is right in front of their faces, and that your content is short, sweet, and easy to read. A big part of the creative process is making sure your ad itself is compliant with Facebook’s guidelines.

Step 4: Launch the campaign!

Blast off! Launch that puppy into the social media universe and relax for a bit, you’ve earned it. But don’t get too comfortable; you’ve still got work to do. Facebook ad campaigns aren’t a set-it-and-forget-it deal. Checking your analytics, refining & re-targeting your audience, split-testing multiple creatives, and refining your content all go into the constant maintenance of your ad campaign. As long as you follow your analytics appropriately, your campaign will be keeping those quality leads flowing.

For first-time ad campaigners, this can be an overload of information. It’s an overwhelming, hard, and tedious process. Don’t want to do the heavy lifting? Let B-Web take care of it for you! We know the inside scoop of Facebook ad campaigns and can make your advertising to the next level. Call us; we’ll show you.