Paid Advertising: What it is and why it works

Paid advertising is one of the best ways to bring in new customers when you’re just beginning to build up your organic traffic. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows your business to get leads quickly, increase brand awareness, and increase overall site traffic. It’s easy to lose money if you don’t know how to leverage the available tools, as paid advertising requires ongoing monitoring, careful keyword analytic research, geo-tracking, and consistent updating.

Google ads are the most common form of paid advertising and allow you to create and manage a campaign using tracked keywords. The pay-per-click paid advertising method if done carefully, can give you a significant return on your investment in the ad itself.

 Google Ads are Google’s paid advertising service. Users bid on keywords that are specific to your industry, and when you win the auction, Google will place your ad on the first page based on your ad rank, and when people search for the keyword your ad is linked to, your business shows up on the first page! 

How much you spend is entirely up to your budget. Some keywords are highly competitive, while others are more cost-efficient. Most search engines use pay-per-click, meaning that when a user clicks on your advertisement, you pay a fee to the search engine. Your geographical location, the competition of the keywords(s), and the size of your bid determine the cost-per-click price.

It works because clients are already searching for you! Your pay-per-click Google advertisement is targeting people that are already looking for what you are selling. Creative ads will draw prospective clients to your website, creating more traffic, getting leads, and converting them into new sales!

Certified Google Ads Experts

When it comes to spending money on a PPC campaign, making sure you are getting the best return on investment. We optimize your ad campaign by performing intensive and ongoing keyword research, implementing geotargeting, review competitor analytics, review creative ad copy tests and perform constant ad maintenance. In today’s competitive market we make sure that your results surpass your competition and provide intent-driven and quality leads.

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