The Over-Run of Spam and Blogs That Sneaked Past Google.

Well, we guess the title is a little misleading.  Blogs and seemingly spammy content hadn’t necessarily “snuck” past Google’s SEO algorithm; it played Google algorithm well. The only problem is, there is an overload of this type of seemingly irrelevant information. Blogging and content marketing is vital for higher Google rankings. It’s the perfect place to load up on keywords and relevant bits on your website, but if all you have when you search something is blogs and other random bits of content, it makes it a lot harder for someone to find what they’re looking for. 

The balancing act between SEO for your website and the SEO of supplemental content is tricky. Keeping up a “rhythm” of consistent content posting without overwhelming prospective leads can be a blurred line. Google not only takes relevant keywords in every aspect of your site content but also makes the number of continuous content updates you do. If a website goes dormant, Google will push the site further down the search list. So, how do you keep regularly adding new content while not overwhelming “googlers” with irrelevant information? That’s where constant SEO analytics research of your website comes in handy. 

First, check to see where people who visit your website are landing. What’s the most popular page? Where are people bouncing from (leaving very shortly after they land on that page) on your page? Are most people landing on your page because of specific blogs, or from social media? Then you need to step up your SEO on your internal website content. If they’re landing on your regular website pages, then keep them coming by beefing up your supplemental material. 

At first, all this information can seem pretty overwhelming. That’s where the pro’s come in (Which B-Web happens to be!). SEO and content marketing is our bread-and-butter, and we know how to get your site (or anyone’s site, for that matter) in tip-top shape and at the tip-top of google. Give B-Web a call for your free consultation today!