We Know SEO

SEO and SEM on your website are vital for page authority on google. No paid advertising, no-nonsense, just quality content to get your website to the front page.

While paid advertising and social media can direct traffic to your website, paid advertising can become quite pricey and cannot ensure a lasting impression on your prospective clients. Organic traffic through search engines gives your website more digital real estate to those looking for your goods and services. SEO can allow for a steady influx of traffic.  PPC advertising requires consistent funding and usually generates lower quality traffic and leads. Conversely SEO will promote page visits from people already searching for YOUR goods and services.

Our SEO services start with a full website audit and continue with rigorous detailed keyword tracking and research which helps us identify those changes which will likely result in maximized search engine optimization. Once the keyword research is complete we take our search engine optimized keywords and integrate the same into beautifully written content which will increase traffic to your site. After these changes are implemented our designers will take great care to build links and anchor tags with other websites which will thereby increase the dynamic SEO and traffic to your website.

The Difference Between SEO & SEM

SEM (Search engine marketing) is the next step beyond traditional SEO. SEM includes your SEO efforts and supplements these strategies with pay-per-click or PPC advertising on search sites like Google as well as potentially purchasing advertisements on social media sites like Facebook. SEO is your only source of unpaid, organic traffic while SEM includes both SEO and paid advertising. SEO is essentially free but results may take more time to realize which is in contrast to PPC advertising which is expensive but can deliver results quickly. Google Ads dominates pay-per-click advertising and even though other search engines like Bing, MSN and Yahoo! each have similar PPC offerings, however in our opinion none are as successful as Google and Facebook.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization which is how you can promote your site to a search engine without paying for Google Ads or other forms of PPC advertising. 

Search engines have “crawlers” which are automated processes by which a search engine catalogues or indexes websites throughout the world in order to present that information in response to a search. Once that content is available to the search engine, algorithms are applied in order to determine which results are returned to a specific query. The algorithms take into account valid keywords as well as the amount of content on your site, references to your site on other sites, the amount of outbound links and previous user traffic & website activity. The better these metrics are the higher the search engine will rank your site which will in turn make your page more likely to be seen. 

How Can B-Web Optimize Your Site?

SEO starts with a user-friendly experience. You want to create content for your users as well as your search engines so understanding your audience and what they may be searching for is vital. Quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb when dealing with site traffic and content, which is why B-Web considers page & user experience analytics, as well as keyword tracking, a top priority. Once we complete our research new website content can be created and implemented on the site. Our content writing goes beyond just the wording on the page; we optimize the metadata and generate intensive link building as well. We keep your page consistently updated in order to ensure your content is fresh, unique, and intent-driven.

B-Web is your SEO Team

In order to get the best value from your advertising dollars, implementing SEO should always be on the top of your priority list when it comes to SEM. This will ensure your site will get steady, consistent, and traffic of the highest quality. However, SEO is a slow-moving and ongoing process. If your site needs a burst of traffic, PPC advertising is the best option.

We understand these strategies are important to driving traffic to your website and are experts in providing the full spectrum of PPC, SEO & SEM services your business needs in order to achieve consistently high traffic (paid & organic) on your website. Results are quantifiable and will justify the effort expended.

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