Social Media Marketing

In today’s digital world, that’s over-saturated by social media, dominating your digital landscape by leveraging these channels allows you to interact with current and future clients directly. Social media allows for interaction with your audience, promote brand awareness, and boost customer relationships on a public digital space. With more than 3 billion SM users worldwide, these channels essential to your CRM (customer relationship management).  At B-Web, our social media marketing team creates customized and diverse content calendars that keep your audience engaged on all your social media platforms, and boost your SEO. We implement cross-channel posting strategies, scheduled postings and promotions, custom blog posts, and stunning graphics to keep your social media active and attractive.

Personalized Social Media Strategy

Every post, like, comment and share should serve a purpose in your social media strategy. We provide an in-depth plan-of-action for each platform, as well as a monthly-updated content calendar. We set specific and measurable goals and provide analytic updates to track and report progress. We focus on targeted goals like website conversion, reviews, referrals, and lead generation while maintaining optimal vanity metrics such as likes, shares, and comments. Our SM strategies are optimized to grow your brand, turn customers into advocates, improve retention, and drive leads.

Content Curation & Stunning Graphics

B-Web is passionate about creating graphics and campaigns that will not only bring in clients but also convert them to leads. By creating graphics and postings with visual interest and engaging content, we can tell your story to your audience. We implement a posting schedule that gives your audience your content at optimal times, so the right people see it at the right time. We utilize your social media channels to provide insight to your brand, and it’s life as you progress throughout your business, and as a platform to communicate your story.

Research, Revamp, Repeat.

What good is a market without research? Measuring engagement and engaging consumers are two sides of the same coin, and a well planned social media campaign strategy is the backbone of a campaign’s success. We analyze your audience, create detailed audience personas, research the competitors, track social media conversion rates, and track posting engagement to ensure that your social media are getting optimized content for your audience. With every bit of research we do, we further refine our content and posting strategy to maximize and optimize results.

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