The Blogging Process


Search Google for just about anything, and you can find tens of thousands of results, many of which are blogs. Why do some blogs rise to the top while others fall into obscurity? Today we are discussing how to write a standout blog to keep readers coming back. These blogging process steps are tested and proven to work. By answering these common questions, B-Web will help you create your next stand out blog! 

The blogging process does not need to be complicated.

How to decide on a blog topic? 

This part of the process can feel the most overwhelming of them all. Don’t let this step bog you down, though. When writing a blog to increase SEO, picking strategic keywords for your business is a great place to start. Using a site like an Answer the Public is a great way to gain insights into your topic. By creating a combination of resourceful and relevant blogs, the options for topics have increased. Google loves related blogs, so writing about current events is a great way to increase your ranking. Especially if you can write about current events that are happening in your local community, in turn, this will help increase your Local SEO. In any fact, don’t let choosing the blog topic stop you before you even start to write your stand out blog. 

Should I research by blog topic? 

 What is that old saying, write what you know? Even if you know your current topic backward and forward, you should still do some research. First, you may be able to come up with better keyword search terms. For example, you want to write a blog about bears. Doing some research, you find using the phrase ‘long tail black bears in Colorado’ is less competitive and will increase your local SEO. Besides, the study provides the ability to provide outbound links to other reputable websites. By providing outbound links to pages that support your topic, you are creating a sense of authority. However, it is vital to make sure your resources are reputable. Creating credible content is just as relevant and engaging content. Ultimately making sure you have accurate information from trusted sources is a building block for writing a standout blog. 

Do I need an outline to write a blog? 

 Writing a blog on the fly without an outline guarantees two things: Firstly, that your blog won’t be the quality, it should be. Secondly, it will take you a lot longer to make. Having an outline of what you want your blog to be about enforces good blogging habits and saves you time if you’re working with a deadline. An excellent blog can take hours or even days to write, and part of that time should be dedicated to planning and outlining. Your outline doesn’t have to be detailed or long, but it should cover your blog’s main ideas and how it will be structured. Also, it should highlight key points of reference and what you want to convey to your audience in the post. 

Should the blog be edited? 

 Yes. If you only commit one thing to memory from this blog, make it this – Always have someone else edit or read your blog. We know you’ve spent hours writing, reading, rewriting, rereading, and it should be good to go, right? Trust us; it is not. There are editors at newspapers for a reason. It’s easy to skip over or miss minor details in your work. Someone else reading and editing your work ensures that errors are fixed before your audience sees them. Of course, someone may over-edit or make unclear edits, so reviewing their work is just as important. Just remember the first draft, by design are meant to be edited. The editing process is fundamental in writing a standout blog! Finally, be proud of your work! 

Why is the blog title important? 

 Creating an intriguing blog title can be just as important as the blog itself! The title is your work’s calling card, so to speak- the first thing seen on search engines, social media postings, and email marketing. That is to say; the title is what will draw readers in, creating a sense of curiosity. Using the research done in the planning stages, you will know the keywords that your audience is searching for. Don’t be afraid to play around with the title before settling on your final decision. Having a standout blog title is like whipped cream on pumpkin pie- it completes your well-written blog. 

What is the final step in the blogging process? 

 The time has finally come to publish your blog, but there is one last step to the blogging process. First, you need to reread your work one last time to make sure there are no new errors made in the editing process. Second, it is good to run your work through a grammar checker (we like Grammarly). Finally, you can pick out the media that will coordinate with your blog. Items like infographics, videos, and eye-catching photos all keep your reader engaged. Now you have a standout blog, time to start again for your next one! 

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