KeyWord research SEO

This could be the reason your Keywords are not Ranking


You have taken the time to thoroughly research what your target audience is Googling. You have created useful and unique content. So why are your keywords not ranking? This article will discuss one aspect of ranking: content and keywords. Some areas that might be affecting ranking are search intent and high keyword competition.

The Problem is Search Intent:

First, the issue may be what the intent is behind the search. Is the intent informational, transactional, navigational or commercial investigation. If your content doesn’t match the search your bounce rate will be high. Therefore signaling to Google that your content, even though the keywords match, is not relevant. For instance, if your keyword is repotting my cactus and you have a page dedicated to the service of repotting cactus’ but the majority of the results are how to videos that is a difference in intent. You are focused on transactional search, while the majority of searches are informational. 

How to identify Intent: 

Unfortunately, we can not change what the intent of a search is. However, what is in your control is the research you do to identify what the intent is, based on the search results (done in Private Mode). Once identified you can improve your content to match that intent. Let’s go back to the example of selling your cactus repotting services. You can write an informational blog or create a how-to video of replanting the cactus, but also include your information about the services you offer. Or if you have a home remodeling business, the intent of a search may be to get images. If that is the case investing your time into image SEO might be where it is at! By addressing intent you are able to ingrain your brand as a dependable source for search intent whether it be information, transaction, navigation or commercial investigation. 


KeyWord research SEO

The Problem is Competition:

Also,  keyword competition is a real thing! Companies have been doing SEO for a long time and have a well established page authority. For example, if the first page of results for the keyword you have chosen is dominated by large companies you may be fighting an uphill battle. Even if your content is perfectly optimized, until you gain more page authority your rankings will be lower than you want. But don’t lose hope, B-Web Services has a solution for you! 

Battling Keyword Competition: 

The answer is not to give up on highly competitive keywords. The answer is to use those keywords in a longer phrase, this is called a long-tail keyword. That is to say, you are expounding on a single keyword and turning it into a phrase. For example a highly competitive keyword might be landscape lighting, instead of landscape lighting you could use a long-tail keyword of how to install landscape lighting, or does landscape lighting improve the value of your home? As your target audience goes deeper into their search they will automatically try to narrow down their results. Although these long-tail keywords are much more specific the competition for them is less giving you the ability to rank higher. In addition you are able to provide the exact content your target audience is looking for, helping to solve the issue of keywords not ranking. 


Long-tail Keywords

Keywords still not ranking?

If you are still struggling with getting your content to rank B-Web is here to help. Marketing using SEO takes time and perseverance. While you are working on ranking for SEO you can optimize your site in otherways. Like creating page authority through user experience, site structure or link building. Call today to see how our SEO packages can help grow your online presence.