Tips to Get the Most From Your Web Designer


Most business owners know that a good web designer can increase conversions and generate leads, which is why they go to great lengths to hire the right person for the job.  

However, hiring the best web designer out there doesn’t guarantee outstanding results. Like with any project, communication and planning are essential. Here are a few tips to make the most of your relationship with your web designer.

Know your web design requirements and plan in advance

Even with a limited budget, a professional web designer can bring your dream to life. You simply need to have a firm grasp as to what you want first. Without a clear intent, it will be almost impossible for a designer to execute your ideas.

For example, make a list of what features you want. Who is your target audience? Do you need a simple one-page layout or a vast e-commerce store? How many pages do you need? How should these pages be structured? All of these are details you need to give to your web designer.

Work with your designer to determine your budget based on this information. This way, you’ll know from the very beginning if your expectations are realistic or if you’ll have to cut down some requested features to make your budget work. 

Create a mood board

Work with your web designer for success! Contact B-Web Services today to get started.

Mood boards are a fantastic visual cue to determine how you want your website to look. Here’s how it works:

Bookmark all the websites that inspire you and that reflects your business identity.  Make notes as to what about that website that inspires you, being as straightforward as possible. In essence, mood boards can also visually explain to the designer what techniques you want to implement. (Parallax scrolling, Sliders, Pop-Ups,  etc.)

Check out their portfolio

Web design is equally both art and technology. Each designer has a unique style and skill, leveling technology to its utmost advantage. However, each case uses different libraries, platforms, and tech stacks. 

Before hiring a web designer, look at their portfolio to see if their work is similar to what you’d like to achieve. Some designers are great at doing sleek,  minimalist pages. Others create magazine-style pages with bright colors, bold fonts, and textures. Even if they use the same tools and software, each designer has their style, and you should find someone with the same aesthetic as what you want to achieve. 

Get involved with your web designer

Work with your web designer for success! Contact B-Web Services today to get started.

Once you sign a contract with a web designer, they will typically start work right away. With this in mind, here are several ways that you can get the most out of the engagement:

Have your website graphics and elements ready.  Provide your designers with everything they need to get started. Right away, send them the branding resources they need to get started. Branding resources include images, graphics, logos, fonts, and any brand standards documents you may have. 

Have the website copy ready. Designers can populate the website with generic lorem ipsum text. After that, they’ll still need to make some changes once you provide the actual composition. If you have it all ready, the designer can skip this step and have a better idea of your site’s flow. 

Communication. There will be times you need to get your designer in contact with others. For example, If the designer needs to collaborate with other developers and writers. Whenever that situation occurs, make sure everyone has all the contact details they need and then let them do their thing.  You don’t want to become an intermediary, and you don’t need to be present for every conversation. 

Be responsive. Due to revisions during the design phase, the designer will need your input. It is essential to answer all their questions truthfully and on time. The longer you wait to answer the questions, the more delayed your project will be. 

Give your web designer honest, constructive feedback

Feedback is at the foundation of every successful partnership. Above all, when your designer sends you the mock-ups, be as honest as possible. Your detailed feedback will be used to fine-tine your website into something you love. Use these tips to provide relevant feedback:

Be specific. Don’t just say that you hate the design or the way a text box looks. Be as detailed as possible. For example, why do you hate it, and what would you want it to look like instead? Vague formulations like “it needs some extra Tszuj” aren’t helpful in the slightest.

Be organized. Gather your thoughts and send all the feedback in one easy to read and orderly email. Don’t send multiple comments on various platforms or spam their inbox with request after request. Information might get lost, and the designer will end up having to do dozens of revised versions, costing you money and time. 

Be understanding. There are limits on what technology can do, and making unrealistic requests will hinder the project’s bottom line.   “Can’t you just do…” is a phrase designers dread. For the most part, new design trends take time to research and test before your designer will know if it works or not. 

Be reasonable. Clients who say that this green text is “too green” are a designer’s worst nightmare. Nit-picking hinders the designer’s creativity and delivers a product that lacks consistency and creativity. 

Be realistic. Clients who continuously attempt to add or subtract from the project’s scope are only hindering the project, leading to countless revisions. Remember, you signed on to a particular range of work from your designer. Allow them to complete that work and engage in a new agreement for the latest additions. 

Don’t get everyone involved. A little feedback from friends and family can be constructive. However, the more people you get involved the more confusing it will be for the designer and the longer the project will take.  In addition, it will only make a late project that much more delayed.

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