Website Design & Development

Stunning website designs and flawless development are our forte. Whether we are starting from scratch or giving your existing website the flair you need, if you can dream it, we can build it. Our approach to website design and development is simple: nothing less than perfection. At B-Web, we know that your website is more than just a beautiful canvas. We ensure that your site is the front cover of your business brand and that it tells your users YOUR story.

B-Web handles websites for any business, from national e-commerce to local charity. We integrate modern and flawless visual designs, friendly user experiences, search engine optimization and tactical responsiveness to ensure that your website converts leads users ease of access and presents a pristine aesthetic. 

Web Designs that Delight

B-Web is rooted in creating designs that will not only bring in clients but convert the lead. Creating designs that are enjoyable on any platform isn’t an afterthought. Now more than ever, having a responsive, beautiful and user-friendly site is vital.

We take time to ensure that the back-end development, visual design, and content layout all fits within your goals of the site. We start with approved color schemes and visual inspiration to create a mock-up of the website to send off for approval. Once the visuals and site layout are complete, implement search engine optimized and captivating content to entice your users. Once the site is approved and we finish the final touches, we launch your perfect website!

Accurate Time Frame & Deadlines

We don’t cut corners with deadlines. Building a website is a lengthy process and isn’t always a walk in the park. Our website design and development team creates a detailed website project timeline that emphasizes the deadlines and progression time of each major phase of the development.

Our team follows a set time frame that accurately corresponds to each phase’s complexity and communicates that process regularly. We know that plans change, and sometimes deadlines have to be moved. B-Web works with flexibility in our timelines to ensure that we work with your schedule.

Personalized Service & Consulting

Our web design and development team starts every project with a detailed & customized plan of your site, inspired by your vision. B-Web knows that your website is more than just a placeholder in the digital world, it’s a platform that tells users your story and your passion. We have an initial consultation to discuss your specific wants and needs to develop a plan of action, all within your preferred time frame and budget.

The meeting serves as the basis of the connection between our skills and your goals. We lay out the design, development, content, and maintenance to give you an all-encompassing idea of what to expect and when to expect it. Your goal and vision is our priority. And we ensure that if you can dream it, we can build it.

Call us to receive your free consultation. We are ready to create a plan of action to provide the results you require.