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Why Host Your Website with B-Web Services


When choosing where to host a website it may feel like the options are endless. A great place to start is to decide what kind of service or support you are looking for. Hosting services vary in cost but the age-old saying of you get what you pay for usually rings true here. Basing your decision on price alone may cause future headaches. Some things to consider when looking at hosting platforms are customer service, website backups, HTTPS, and updates. 

Website Hosting Customer Service Matters

Customer Service is an important factor in choosing where to host a website. If you are an experienced developer you may need less support than if this is your only website. Some hosting services allow you to chat for support while others still allow you to call in to discuss issues. That is to say, knowing what avenues are available when, not if, an issue arises can help you make your decision. Even so, knowledge is power, and just because they offer customer support does not mean that your issues will get resolved quickly. 

Website Backups  

You’ve created or hired a company to create the website of your dreams, now making sure you have a copy of that hard work is imperative. One reason you would want a backup of your website is sometimes updates break integral design aspects of your site. Another reason is your site might be hacked. It is easy to think my site isn’t large why would someone want to hack me? However, hacking is not always about causing damage to your site, a lot of times the true target is your audience. By having your site backed up on a regular basis and having that stored in a secure location getting your website back to normal becomes an easy(Ish) task. B-Web Services provides this backup as a part of our website hosting services. 

Websites and HTTPS 

Creating a secure website no longer only applies to sites that are carrying out financial transactions. Having a site that is not HTTPS will actually damage your page authority and cause Google to warn visitors that your site is not secure before they enter. HTTPS is the protocol used to encrypt the communication between your browser and the web server for the site you are visiting. This means the data and information transferred between your browser and the server cannot be intercepted by any third party. In addition, websites may still show as insecure even if it has an SSL certificate installed, knowing how to troubleshoot this is key. If you need help with this B-Web is your answer to the question of where to host a website. 

Where to host a website SSL Issues
Warning your potential client gets when visiting your site if not secure.

Why are Updates on your Website important? 

Once your dream website has been created it is important to install updates. Many hosting companies are just a place to store your data for your website and nothing more. Some platforms do provide updates to your WordPress install but not much else. WordPress is an amazing tool to create beautiful websites however, a great deal of functionality comes from plugins. These plugins are constantly under attack by hackers and therefore vulnerabilities are found and patched frequently. Another reason for updates is additional functionality or design enhancements. All too often websites are created and then left untouched for years leaving them susceptible to issues. As can be seen, it is important to understand and update your website on a regular basis. To be sure managing those updates can become a hassle as there can be multiple updates a week! 

B-Web Services offers first in class website hosting services. We are more than just where to host a website, we are your partner. We make sure your website is always putting your best foot forward as it is your digital presence and often the first impression someone will have of your company. Call today to find out how we can help.