Why B-Web Services uses WordPress, Part 2


Let’s delve back into why B-Web Services use WordPress. WordPress is a robust and versatile CMS that covers everything from the wildly popular e-learning website to your Aunt Martha’s cat blog.  If you haven’t already yet, please check our previous post, Why B-Web Services uses WordPress.

WordPress has excellent support

If you’re having an issue with WordPress, chances are someone else has had the same problem. There are many places to turn to for help when you need it, including the official forum and WordPress help site, which is chock full of useful information. If reading an article is not your cup of tea, there are also a wide assortment of nifty YouTube videos and blog posts.

Most web hosting companies also have helpful WordPress support pages, which include specific tips about dealing with the parts of WordPress that interact with their unique systems.

Unlimited Users

What do you want from your website? Is it a magazine with multiple authors and several thousand subscribers? Or are you perhaps a local Homeowners Association who needs the website locked down to commenters? WordPress can accommodate both scenarios with ease. 

WordPress has six pre-defined roles: Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber. This simple, intuitive setting gives the site owner (often using the Super Admin setting) control over who contributes what and who can make immediate changes to the website. 

WordPress gets updated continuously.

WordPress covers about 37.6% of the internet, which makes it an obvious target for hackers. Because of this, WordPress gets constant updates to address vulnerabilities, code errors, and technical issues. With technology continually changing, this is a significant boon because the developers have their fingers on the pulse of innovation.  Since it was debut in 2003, WordPress has over 300 updates and 7,000,000 downloads.

You can choose your host.

Most major web hosts have WordPress as a pre-packaged, one-click install, all ready to go on their various hosting plans. Once you determine your needs in a host, it is just a few clicks to start with the installation. Consequently, there’s nothing to download, no database to configure, or hassle of getting the program uploaded. 

Choosing your host also means you can shift providers or hosting plans as your needs change. We use SiteGround, which boasts excellent customer support as well as a scalable infrastructure. Contact B-Web Services today!